Our refund policy is All Sales Final. 

Unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund after Services have been rendered or satisfied by terms documented. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES OR RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR MARKETING SERVICES THAT ARE NOT PERFORMANCE BASED. These services include but not limited to marketing consulting, web site development, brand development, app development. WE OWN RIGHTS TO ANY HTML, PSP, CODE WRITTEN OR WEBSITE DEVELOPED BY A OUTSOURCED PARTY OR THROUGH WIX OR WORD PRESS DEVELOPED BY A PAID AGENT. To be eligible for a exchange of any call or lead performance based marketing services the call most be less than 3 minutes long and not qualified by the terms/filters arranged in the Insertion Order prior to beginning services.  Client wanting exchange for Any call that is more that 3 minutes long will be denied. Any request for exchange on non qualified calls most be done in writing via email within 24 hours of the call annotation. ​ Refunds (if applicable) will only be given to clients that continue to purchase marketing services from A.C.N.M.S in the amount no less than 2,000$. Refunds will only be applicable if the amount of the invoice is 250$ or less. NO REFUNDS WILL BE APPLICABLE FOR INVOICES 251$ OR MORE. ​Exchanges (if applicable) We only replace call or lead if the same value or less. We provide all paid for services within 10-60 Business Days.