15 SEO Marketing to generate tax leads, tax relief leads, tax preparation leads, credit repair leads

15 SEO Marketing to generate tax leads, tax relief leads, tax preparation leads.

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Consider your anchor text. They should be keywords, not words like “here.” Don’t skip the ‘alt’ tags on images. Even if you use WordPress, you can put text in the alt tag area that means something to search engines and viewers too. Ensure that you are using the right permalinks. You want them to be pretty without strange symbols and to describe what’s on the page. Did you know that servers are case sensitive? For that reason, when you type out a URL that you want to be SEO friendly you should not capitalize any of the letters. Just as you focus on external linking, you should also focus on internal linking. For example, under a blog post adding an “if you liked this you may like this” link below it may keep your readers reading longer.

1. Take the time to describe each category you create for your website in the description box.

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2. Put ‘no-follow’ tags on affiliate links.

3. For more link love use sub-directories instead of sub-domains.

4. Keep your content up-to-date. Add new content but also upgrade old content by ensuring it’s still relevant and all links work.

5. When looking for keywords consider long-tail keywords for your blog posts.

6. Try ranking for more than one keyword per page of your website but no more than five.

7. Commenting on relevant blogs that allow the do-follow tag is still a good way to drive traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

8. If you’re going to guest blog for SEO, choose blogs that are relevant to your site, have the same audience, rank higher than your site, and receive a lot of engagement.

9. A good off-page SEO tip is to start posting in relevant groups that have a lot of engagement and traffic. Don’t focus on promotion, just engage.

10. Need a fast SEO tip? Improve your website’s loading speed.

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11. The best domain name for good SEO is a name that is a .com, is short, has keywords, and doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s trademark.

12. Ensure that your site is more than mobile friendly, but that it works perfectly whether mobile or on a PC.

13. Good SEO starts with understanding your audience inside and out.

14. Pay attention to your site’s description and the way it appears in search results.

15. Headlines matter a great deal when it comes to SEO. Create headlines that include keywords and aren’t tricky.

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