Generate Tax Leads, generate tax resolution leads, tax preparation leads. Social Media Marketing to

 How We Generate Tax Leads 

Data from our own in-house lead generation campaigns is merged with data from multiple providers. In this way, we generate hundreds of real time tax leads each day active leads comprised of people who need tax help now. People dealing with unpaid back taxes, unfilled returns, late filings, audits and other troubles.

- You want to help them. And we want to help you find them. - We will customize a campaign to suit your marketing goals. So you’ll get the type of tax debt leads that hold the greatest promise of conversion, whether real time or aged tax leads. • You get high quality tax leads at a lower cost. • You have more time to nurture the leads, less urgency. • Aged tax leads are good for sales training. • Aged tax leads can be targeted more precisely. Contact Us for Your Tax Leads To find out more about our tax debt leads, fill out the form on this page. You’ll hear from us shortly!

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