Live Transfer Tax Settlement Leads, Tax Leads, Tax Settlement Leads.

Tax settlement live transfer leads are a great way to bring in hot inbound calls to your sales floor.

Instead of having enrolled agents and tax professionals calling out, developing leads and closing them, this work is entrusted to a domestic call center that has a team of transfer representatives that focus on nothing but delivering tax firms fresh inbound leads. 

They call out on aged tax settlement data from radio, television and internet as well as tax lien data. While on the phone with prospects for tax settlement they build rapport, survey for interest, pre-qualify and then get permission to transfer the prospect to a tax expert. When connecting to a member of the tax settlement sales staff, they provide a warm introduction so the hand off and call go as smoothly as possible. The campaign is tracked through a portal. Phone numbers are logged and conversations are recorded from the warm hand off through the end of the conversation with sales. Managers are able to get in and review lead flow, lead quality and the performance of their tax professionals. Live transfer tax settlement lead campaigns are easy to set up and are built around the number of leads requested per day, states serviced, hours of operation and time zone. This keeps the sales day organized while focusing representatives on bringing revenue and profits to the company by servicing consumers.

Live Radio Tax Settlement Leads: Live radio tax settlement leads are a great source of hot inbound call leads for tax firms. Some tax groups believe that radio is the superior media when it comes to generating calls because the callers represent a demographic of people on the road that have tax issues that are actually going to work every day and trying to hold things together. While there are no absolutes in the critique of the differences between television and radio tax settlement leads, there may be something to this. A thirty to 60 second radio spot is played in prime time hours 9am to 7pm across the country. Consumers respond by calling in on an 800 number which routes leads to tax firms on the basis of the scheduling details of their campaign. Those preferences include time zone, hours of operation, number of leads per day and states serviced. Each call-in is logged by the system, recorded and housed in a portal for review. Managers have access to the portal to review lead flow, lead quality and performance of agents. It is a great way for tax firms to be organized and focused on sales which bring revenue and profitability to the office.  

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