Need tax settlement leads? Tax resolution leads, tax settlement leads, tax leads.

Our tax resolution clients are the top priority for our entire marketing team.

American Consumer Niche Marketing Services aggressively recruits a diverse group of the best affiliates in each category: niche content, bloggers, influences, reviewers, social media, re targeting, paid search, coupons, deals and loyalty. We manually process each application while considering the relevancy of the applicant, the health and integrity of the overall program, other affiliates, and other e-commerce channels or divisions the merchant may have. To those accepted affiliates we send regular educational newsletters with exciting promotional opportunities.

We push our affiliates to get active with clicks and sales by making ourselves available, handling affiliate communications on behalf of our clients, and providing education in the areas of best practices and promotional methods.

Using our proprietary reports and tools to monitor trends and red-flags issues as they happen. We ensure coupon usage compliance by the handful of trusted coupon and loyalty affiliates approved to operate in our programs. The referring URL of every sub-affiliate is examined to confirm the origin of the traffic. We look for oddities, like zero-dollar transactions, which include bonuses and two-tier payouts, but which can also alert us to incorrect tracking and shopping cart issues.

At the close of each month, all of our management efforts are translated into hard data when we present a comprehensive program report to each Premium client along with a program performance summary and recommendations for the near future. American Consumer Niche Marketing Services manages every aspect of the affiliate program but we give our Premium clients unlimited access to strategy conversations. Our most engaged clients have been some of the agency’s greatest successes.

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