Tax relief leads, tax leads, tax resolution leads.

Tax relief leads, tax leads, tax resolution leads. 

Offering marketing services such as search engine optimization, Digital marketing, Radio & TV Ads, Pay per call marketing. Call 855-454-6126 right now for a free marketing quote. We Generate High Quality Inbound Calls and Leads for businesses. 

American Consumer Niche Marketing Services generates leads in the financial, and travel markets. We provide Pay Per Call marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, and Click to call marketing. #marketing #digitalmarketing #leadgeneration 

Email Marketing Close More Sales with Simple, Effective Email Follow-up. 

Email marketing helps you close more leads. Period. Could there be anything more frustrating than creating a bunch of leads just to have them sit there… not buying? It is hard work to get leads in the first place. You need a system in place that will turn as many of those leads as possible into sales. We can help you with that… Overview Does this sound familiar? A prospect calls your business and they are on the fence. They decide not to buy right away, because they want to think about it. And you never, ever hear from them again. Or what about this one? A prospect visits your website, gets distracted, and closes out of the page. And you never, ever hear from them again. How many more sales would you close in a month if you could nurture even half of those relationships into a sale? How many more would you close in a year? In a decade? Email is the cheapest way to quickly and easily follow up with hundreds and thousands of on-the-fence leads and turn those leads into sales.PostcardMania offers automated campaigns to do this for you – with NO work on your part! Here are just a few of the email marketing services we provide: Automated Drip Email Marketing (Click to learn all about them, WITH pictures!) Targeted, Effective e-Newsletter Design (Totally custom!) Turning Your Postcard into an Email Email Copywriting Campaign Administration (Handling distribution of the emails) Tracking (We can tell you how many people open and click links in your emails) And Much, Much More! Pricing depends on what services you need but all of our email marketing services are affordably priced (a few hundred bucks to set up an automated email funnel that you can use over and over again for all new leads) for small businesses. Give us a call at 855-407-7047 and we’ll be happy to go over all of the options with you.

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