Pay per call marketing for financial industry. Tax leads, tax settlement Leads, tax prospects.

Pay per call marketing Can generate Tax Settlement calls that Are A Must Have. 

The Tax Settlement Industry has traditionally been hard to generate pay per calls for because it is a small niche. Tax debt is a growing problem for many Americans due to the growing gig economy. This does not make tax settlement a bad business to be in nor does it mean that the business opportunities aren’t increasing. We at American Consumer Niche Marketing Services believe that businesses in the tax settlement industry will continue to grow in 2019-2020. 

It is possible to debate the value of tax settlement leads versus real time exclusive internet tax leads all day long, every day and 365 days a year. We can make a case for each lead but one thing will never change. When people respond initially, there buying temperature may not be where it needs to be to make a sale and their response is more exploratory and looking for information. This means that the pay per calls for tax settlement leads does not have an expiration date. It is not a lead that you pull off the shelf because it has spoiled or is out of date.  Let’s Take A Look At A Real Time Tax Settlement pay per calls, and tax Leads Purchase Scenario: 100 Real Time Exclusive Tax Settlement Pay per calls Purchased @ $60.00 $each = $6,000 Real Time Tax Settlement Internet Lead Average Conversion To Sales= 12% = 12 new sales Real Time Tax Settlement Internet Lead Cost Per Closed Deal = $416.66 Let’s Take A Look At An Aged Tax Settlement Internet Lead Purchase Scenario: – 

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