We are offering HOT transfers for taxpayers that owe between $5k-$10k to the IRS. Tax leads, tax rel

Americans Consumer Niche Marketing Services goal is to put together a process that takes the experience our lead generation and appointment setting experts have and leverage the tactics that have proven results and blend that with each of our client’s unique marketing campaign.  

Through a series of strategic questions and grading scale, we will deliver a consistent group of highly qualified sales leads that will meet your expectations and drive you to hit your prospecting and sales goal this year and for years to come.  

Looking for prospects that need tax relief & dent relief? We specialize in generating quality pay per calls. Once we generate prospects that owe between $5k-$10k, we will live transfer them to your office! 

For years now, Quality Contact Solutions has been perfecting the process of generating qualified sales leads through various digital marketing & telemarking strategies. We have grown to understand that it’s not just the first call that breathes life into the sales process, however it is how that first call tee’s up the second, third and fourth calls that really help to drive sales to close.

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