We can provide tax leads, tax relief leads, tax resolution leads.

We can target specific states, time zones, call center hours, number of leads required per day, you name it and we will work with you. We have a tracking system that records the conversations, which will allow you to review of calls, provide sales coaching or anything else you need to make this campaign a success. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you drive new fresh leads.

We can provide the following leads for tax resolution 

Inbound calls from TV Inbound calls from Radio Inbound calls from Live Transfers Inbound calls from Email Marketing

Leads for tax resolution

Live Transfer tax settlement leads.

Tax Live Transfers are a good solution for tax firms that employ a business model and sales staff that work better with warm inbound calls. The truth is that many tax settlement firms hate internet leads and would rather put their closers focus on selling rather than chasing. Our live transfer agents our dialing prospects that requested information from our Tax tv & radio adds in the last 12 months. These prospects are highly sought after by tax firms that prefer warm and qualified inbound calls. The tax live transfer represents a taxpayer that meets basic criteria based on tax debt, type of tax debt, income to contribute and an interest in speaking to a tax settlement representative. The conversations between the transfer agent and prospect as well as the transfer agent and the sales representative are recorded through the end of the sales conversation and the phone number is logged in an admin panel that comes with the campaign. This type of tax campaign is organized, schedule and effective. Companies that purchase tax live transfers close deals and avoid the hassle and time chasing down prospects. Our tax settlement live transfer clients report that they do exceptionally well when the bulk of their time is spent selling their service as opposed to lead development. 

Leads for tax resolution
  • TV Calls. These calls are the real deal. Our commercial is airing on national media including Dish and Comcast. Once the call comes in, the caller is greeting with a recording that requires them to press 1 if they owe over $10k. If they press 1, that call is connected to you. Once it connects to you, you have 60 seconds to further screen them before its billable. Over 90% of the callers are owing well over $10k! The buffer allows you to weed out those non-qualified callers. We generally require our buyers to accept calls 24/7 as the media runs it around the clock. My clients will generally send the afterhours calls to a call center or VM. Hours the come in during 6A-6P (PDT) M-F are $100 each and after hours calls are $95

  • We offer the online generated calls where the person owes LESS than $10,000. Those calls are priced at $35 each. We can set business hours. 

Click to call web generated pay per calls

(Google AdWords & Bing Ads Extensions) 

  • We have "cracked the code" on generating $10k+ tax resolution web form leads.  The calls we are generating are high quality. Don't miss this opportunity to speak with real taxpayers whom need help. These are priced at $50 each. Min order is 25 leads. 

  • Under $10k tax resolution leads. These are regularly priced at $35 each with a 50 lead minimum order. 

Live Transfers

We are outbound dialing taxpayers that have responded to some type of advertisement for assistance with their tax problem (TV, radio, online, etc). We are not calling old, stale tax lien lists. Our call center agents will pre-screen those taxpayers and perform a live transfer to your team for a free consultation. Our main buyer has been ordering 50/week for over a year! 

We are screening for the minimum filters:

  • $15,000+ in federal tax debt

  • $1,500 minimum household income

  • Not in active bankruptcy

While we don't offer a time buffer per see, we will replace any leads that don't meet the above criteria. That is why the time buffer is not needed. The price is $65 per raw call. 

$80 per call with 90 seconds buffer time. 

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