Marketing for Tax resolution leads, Generate Tax leads using Social Media Ads. We use social media p

Marketing for Tax resolution leads, Generate Tax leads using Social Media Ads. We use social media platforms to acquire tax settlement customers.

tax leads

Generating high quality inbound tax leads, tax resolution leads, tax preparation leads with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

tax leads

Target any level, or combination of demographics, build custom and look-alike audiences based on existing e-mail lists, site visitors and customers to spike traffic. We continually test myriad creative and copy variants to optimize ROI. We leverage proprietary technologies that intelligently identify potential customers based on their web behavior, trends and data mining; All to power your company’s channel growth.

tax leads
Find individuals in need of tax settlement services. When most people run into tax trouble with the IRS or state tax boards, they aren’t prepared to deal with the problem alone. They need assistance from a tax settlement specialist who knows how to achieve the best outcome. In short, they need your help.
tax leads
But how can you find these people? Tax troubles can hit anyone, rich or poor, in any neighborhood. That makes it a hard market to target. With traditional marketing efforts, you have to cast a wide net, an inefficient and therefor expensive way to find potential customers. We can help you zero in on prospects with a proven need for your services, people who are already actively looking for tax settlement services. These people are under pressure to resolve their claim in the most advantageous way before they accrue further fines. They’re going to hire someone with our leads, you can make sure they choose your company.
tax leads
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