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Let’s you and I now consider selling lead generation services to clients, and using email to get them on-board with our lead generation programs. The majority of your professional services, main street store, or even one-man businesses depend entirely on leads.

credit repair leads

Most will need a steady stream of people buying products and services to survive in today’s economy. This sales usually takes the form of walk-ins to a physical location, booked appointments, or online purchases. For our discussion, we’ll call this “consumer traffic” and it can be either online web visitors or good old fashioned foot traffic people walking through the door. These business owners will understand that all forms of traffic is the life blood of their business. This includes repeat customers (people who buy regularly) and business, as well. Remember, it is easier to get an existing customer to buy again than it is to convince a new customer to reach into their pocket and part with some cash. Ask yourself; What wording might compel these business owners to take action on your email offer to help them generate leads? Answer this question, and the owner will want to pay you for your help generating leads. Universally, offering free leads gets you right in the door. In the next section, I’ll reveal the factors and tactics that will drive a response to your outreach emails, and later, introduce templates that sell lead generation to niche clients.

credit repair leads

2 FACTORS FOR SUCCESS When crafting a sales message, you always start with your customer and their specific needs. So to begin, we need to carefully look at the customer and recognize their pain points and deepest desires. Start by asking: Which businesses near you need leads to survive? What do they call their clientele? Clients, customers, patrons, or guests? Why does their clientele need their products or services? Where does the business sell the most products? Local, national, regional? How is the business currently getting leads? Print media, local TV ads, online? The answers to these questions give you ammunition to use in your emails. Here are your objectives with these emails: 1. Provoke and solicit a response that shows interest 2. Offer some free leads to get them interested 3. Deal with the owners who are interested 4. Don’t sell the business owner with the first email, just get them interested 5. After we determine they are interested, qualify them as a good lead, and then sell them. Pro Tip: Where possible, personalize the message. You can look the business up at to try to find the names of owners, or call them up and ask. Most gatekeepers will tell you.

credit repair leads

3 EMAIL TEMPLATES The following email templates are crafted to provoke a response from a business owner who is interested in lead generation: Subj: May I refer your business to my leads? Hey [name] I know your business survives and grows based on how many fresh leads you get through referrals, internet, and other sources. Would you like to boost your lead generation by next week? Right now, there are literally hundreds of potential prospects seeking a [type of business] in [location], but I could not find a listing for your business with a search, which means these leads can’t find you! I’ve generated a few [type of leads the business services] leads for you, would you like to try them out now?

Your competitors are stealing your leads! Hi [name] You should be made aware of something so disturbing, it may rock your business to its very core. Your competitor, [insert name], is stealing your leads by having a much better online presence. [Attach a screenshot of competitor online placement] Do you want to stop this lead-theft, and put an end to your competitors leeching your leads, and costing you money? If so, shoot me a reply to this email, and I’ll send you more details. Get back to me fast, and I’ll also include a $500 credit with my company so you can get a whole bunch of leads to try out FOR FREE. Cheers, -Name

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