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Student loan consolidation leads, student loan relief leads, student debt relief leads, student loan resolution leads

Lead generation is an important part of the sales process.


Whether you are a mortgage broker, branch manager, or loan originator, you can always add to your marketing mix in an effort to bag more mortgage leads.

1. Invest in a website that serves as an authoritative portal for anyone seeking information on mortgages, which includes potential home buyers and mortgage refinances.

2. Advertise your service through brochures, flyers and yard signs on For Sale by Owner properties.

3. Connect with divorce, family law and real estate attorneys, and relocation specialists who can direct prospects your way.

4. Team up with a real estate appraiser or a listing agent to cross-sell each other's services.


5. Use Craigslist for mortgage marketing - create an attractive posting and make sure you link your ad to your sign-up form or mortgage information page (as opposed to the home page), to encourage prospects to take action.

6. Tap into the marketing potential of social media. Over 70% of all B2C marketers acquire leads through Facebook, 40% through Twitter and 65% via LinkedIn.

7. Use email marketing to keep existing customers interested in your offerings, while also using the opportunity to win referrals. An email rewarding existing customers for referrals is a proactive strategy.

8. Identify appropriate trade shows where you can advertise your offerings to a large audience.

Student loan consolidation leads, student loan relief leads, student debt relief leads, student loan resolution leads

9. Tap into your personal network to find prospects - you need to be persistent in your efforts by reminding friends, relatives, well-wishers about your offerings and benefits from time to time. Join a local civic group, such as the rotary club or Chamber of Commerce where you will get a chance to build relationships with key community members and professionals.

10. Attend local fundraisers, business meetings, town hall meetings, check bulletins in local stores, and turn them into networking events for yourself. Start off by handing out your business card and marketing material/ instructions to an identified network of clients and future referral business.

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