Tax resolution leads. Tax Settlement Leads. Tax Leads, Tax resolution inbound calls generated online

We are keenly aware of how unique a true tax negotiation or tax settlement lead is. What types of tax debts are acceptable, how much unsecured tax debt they are carrying, if they are late or not, have they ever filed for bankruptcy and what their credit score is. These criteria are all part of our screening process. This level of pre-qualification results in targeted, qualified debt settlement leads that close. 

Tax resolution leads. Tax Settlement Leads. Tax Leads, Tax resolution inbound calls generated online & offline.  

A.C.N.M.S is an experienced marketer in the Tax Relief vertical. We have a deep understanding of taxation issues, needs of consumers and the true ability of tax firms to offer relief. We don’t use marketing that suggests anyone with a pulse can qualify for an Offer in Compromise from the IRS. Instead we promote that consumers need to bring their situation for review by a professional organization like yours for evaluation before a true assessment can be made. Purchase tax leads where the consumer has been told the truth, offered a real opportunity for a tax relief consultation and is ready to make a decision. 

We own and operate a number of tax resolution web properties including Here we give our visitors and your prospects the straight truth about what tax relief means in terms of tax counseling and tax management and how they work together. Your prospects are educated on these topics so they are fully aware of what your company can offer. This strategy produces high quality tax settlement leads that will close! Our informational tax websites sift out customers who are not qualified for a tax relief and keep only prospects that have a high likelihood of being approved. Don’t waste your time on confused and unqualified tax relief applications.

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