Need tax leads for your tax firm? Tax Resolution Leads, Tax Leads, tax settlement leads.

  Need tax leads for your tax firm? 

tax leads

American Niche Marketing generates quality opt in tax relief leads, tax preparation leads, tax resolution leads. 10 ways to generate tax leads on line.

1. When you publish an infographic, also include a blog post with it that tells the same information in words.

2. Every page on your website should have its own title separate from your site name to increase SEO.

3. Use keywords and keyword synonyms in your H1 and H2 Tags.

4. Step outside the box to find keywords by looking at what your audience is talking about on social media like Reddit.

5. Put your share buttons in prominent places on your website and blog to make it simple for people to share. They won’t share if they can’t find it fast.

6. If you sell products whether physical or digital, it’s important to optimize product description pages. Treat them just like you would a blog post for best results.

7. For a boost in SEO effectiveness, try posting longer posts. Longer posts show authority which Google likes.

8. The places for keywords are Title tag, first paragraph, headers, anchor text, and links.

tax leads

9. Get rid of publish dates on your blog.

10. Internal linking can help boost important pages that aren’t getting love. Link to those pages from active pages on your site.

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