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Search Engine Marketing Your customers are looking we’ll help them find you easily. Not every customer will be introduced to your brand on social media or by word of mouth.

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A well rounded Search Engine Campaign for both paid and organic acquisition is paramount to reaching your customers at the right time. We will craft a thoughtful paid acquisition strategy by optimizing paid and organic search keywords to reach customers based on their intent and drive them to your site with well rounded and creative ad copy.

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Influencer Marketing Tap into an audience of millions. Third party validation goes a long way to create an outstanding brand that customers trust. At American Niche Marketing we have created a unique network of influences that allows us to tap into their base at the click of a button.

Reach the most influential personalities on nearly every social and publishing platform to drive engagement, brand awareness and reach new audiences. Your best marketing tool is what you can share. We will create a robust content calendar and plan to help you thoughtfully engage with your audience at every point of the funnel. We’ll help you build a loyal following around thought leadership and timely insights in your industry. The best part about curated content? It lives online forever and helps build your online reputation. We place links to your content as recommended reading on premium publisher sites and leverage your audience to drive new traffic to your content. American Niche Marketing team of content writers will help you put your best foot forward.

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Social Media Management

Organically engage with your customers in their day to day life. Everyone has a social media presence these days, and companies should be no exception. With a highly targeted organic social media plan, your brand becomes the owner of your customer’s feed. Our social media experts will create content that will engage customer/user community across all social channels (from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) and respond to comments or posts relating to your brand. Organic presence increases, brand awareness skyrockets and engagement costs decreases: everyone wins. Don’t be a digital ghost.


A process-driven approach to creating the perfect identity in a competitive market. A brand identity is made up of more than just a logo, color palette, and type treatment. A brand’s identity can set apart an organization, a person, or specifically the product in relation to the company. Our branding work is always process driven- crafting the best mix of elements to create the perfect identity to set you apart from other brands. Whether you want to rebuild your existing brand or launch a new product or service, we will make sure your identity is as polished as possible.

Web Design

Mobile-ready responsive design with a trend-focused aesthetic. In this ever changing technical world, web-trends can vary daily. At Consumer Niche Marketing, we are always on the leading edge of following and innovating these trends. Using our UX first focus for conversions, our web design services are always focused on your customer. Having a great website should be the foundation of your e-commerce brand, and we make sure to build a solid foundation that keeps users excited as they navigate your website. Let our team of front-end and back-end developers design you a beautiful website that serves function for your user, and is sure to convert.

Photo & Video

Don’t let sub-par assets make your great design suffer. More often than not we experience the tragedy of great products or ideas being diminished by sub-par photography assets. Low resolution, bad composition, over-exposed images that don’t put your best face forward can leave your customers with a sour taste in their mouth. We firmly believe that in order to best showcase your work, great photography is key. Our experienced photography department specializes in building your brand legitimacy with lifestyle photography, product photography, social media video, marketing video and commercial video. Priced competitively, we are sure we will make your product pop.

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