Does your business have bad reviews, or negative press, American Niche Marketing Services can signif

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Does your business have bad reviews, or negative press, American Niche Marketing Services can significantly improve your web presence positively with our Reputation Marketing system.

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1. Never underestimate how effective word-of-mouth marketing is.

2. You can’t opt out of reputation management, if you don’t control the story, someone else will.

3. Be where your customers are. Create an online presence in each area and then focus on engagement.

4. Once you create a social media account use it consistently. Become part of the community.

5. It’s important that you are driving the story if you want to create an amazing reputation for yourself in your niche.

6. Get a book published. Being an author is a great way to boost your reputation online and offline.

7. Even when it’s your reputation, it’s still about your audience. Speak through their lens, not yours.

8. When you mess up, to salvage your reputation, the best thing you can do is apologize.

9. When faced with critic online, the best thing you can do is avoid arguments. Instead, make it about the audience and take the hits in good spirit.

10. It’s important to be yourself because you cannot maintain a fake persona forever.

11. Set up a Google Alert for your name, your product, your brand, your industry and then monitor the buzz. When appropriate, take part in the buzz.

12. Always request reviews from your top customers. Then promote those reviews.

13. Include social proof of any compliment you receive regarding your business. It’s okay to shine the light on yourself when it’s really about your audience and what they are saying about you.

14. BrightLocal says that 72% of buyers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

15. Tie your brand with a charity that you know your audience will love being part of.

16. A great way to boost your reputation as a thought leader is to get guest posts into popular blogs, online magazines, and newspapers.

17. Your online reputation cannot take care of itself. You need to, actively, drive the narrative.

18. It’s important to respond to comments about your brand positively and enthusiastically to further show your audience how important they are.

19. Build your online reputation through community participation. Join groups where your audience hangs out and get to know them and participate without selling.

20. While automation tools are helpful in some aspects of reputation management nothing can replace your ability to engage with your audience.

21. When you focus on problem-solving over selling and fix issues before they become problems that you will be perceived as being a forward thinker.

22. Happy customers tend to share their happiness at a lesser rate than unsatisfied customers do.

23. Use the right tools to manage your online reputation:, Google alerts, and others will help you so that you can focus on engagement.

24. The best two words you can use to improve your online reputation are “Thank you.”

25. Don’t hide issues from your customers. That tactic always backfires. Be proactive and transparent.

26. When dealing with negative feedback try to focus on how you can help rather than how you can defend yourself.

27. Consistency is a big key to getting your voice out there to the world. Keep blogging, keep publishing, and keep making great products.

28. As your company grows, consider hiring an online reputation management specialist to keep you on track.

29. Invest in paid advertising to promote your best work such as blog posts that truly let your audience get to know your brand.

30. Become the go-to expert in your niche by staying on top of the industry and keeping your ear to the ground for buzz.

Retargeting/ Remarketing

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31. Did you know that you can use YouTube as a remarketing platform? Even if you do not have a YouTube channel, you can use their advertising platform to run amazing in-stream advertising to people who have already visited your website.

32. The reason you want to retarget customers and website visitors is because it takes 7 to 8 times for buyers to see your offering before most will respond.

33. Set up different landing pages for your remarketing efforts. If they did not convert the first time, you need to figure out why so that you can exploit those reasons in your new landing pages.

34. Don’t be afraid to try remarketing. It’s easy using Facebook Ads and the Facebook Pixel. If you use WordPress, there is a plugin for that.

35. If you set up your remarketing efforts to attract shopping cart abandoners you can boost your sales exponentially by getting those shopping cart abandoners to finish their purchase by sending them a coupon.

36. When you create remarketing ads, ensure that they are acknowledging that they are for remarketing by personally addressing your customers, shopping cart abandoners, and former site visitors in the ad depending upon which you’re targeting.

37. Your ads should have the same look and feel of your website to help you maintain branding.

38. Avoid generic messaging in your remarketing ads. Be more personal in these ads than in other ads since the people you’re targeting already know who you are.

39. When embarking on a remarketing campaign consider creating multiple types of ads including text ads and display ads.

40. Did you know that you can cap the number of times your customers see your remarketing ads? This is important because you don’t want them to feel as if they’re being followed around in a creepy manner.

41. Study your market’s timing for using their computer, reading emails, getting on Facebook, Twitter and so forth. That way you can time the ads to appear when your audience is more likely to see them.

42. When you decide to do remarketing it’s imperative that you know which pages of your site to tag so that the right people see your remarketing message. Tip: It should be landing pages, not a generic page.

43. Segment your remarketing campaigns based on the goal. For example, if you are remarketing to shopping cart abandoners they should get a different message than people who left a landing page without clicking to convert.

44. Try creating CTAs for each of your sales funnels so that you can target each ad you create appropriately based on the CTA.

45. If you’re using Google Ads in your retargeting efforts enable your ads to show up in multiple sizes so that publishers can show your advertisement regardless of their size standards.

46. If hard CTAs aren’t working (buy now) soften your CTA to offer free downloads, a webinar, or a lower priced entry item directed toward remarketing to site visitors who didn’t convert.

47. Your best remarketing campaign starts with great ad copy and a high converting landing page. Don’t skimp on either if you want to be successful with your remarketing campaign.

48. Use Facebook Ads to target newsletter subscribers. These people already know who you are and they’ll respond at a higher rate to your ads.

49. Did you know you can import your newsletter subscribers to Facebook as a custom audience?

50. When you target the audience members who have already seen what you offer, you’ll get a much higher return on your investment in remarketing ads than regular ad types.

51. You can put your Facebook pixel on all pages of your site or on particular pages of your site to better target audience members in your retargeting effort.

52. Consider hiring an expert to help you with your remarketing efforts if you have the budget, that way you’ll speed up your learning curve.

53. To build a remarketing ad on Facebook, first install the Facebook Pixel on your website pages, you can get the Facebook Pixel tab in your Ad Manager.

54. Don’t be confused about the Facebook Pixel. You get the same Pixel for all sites. Connect it to your ad and website. Then watch as it works its magic.

55. Remarketing or Retargeting is a great way to advertise to your audience. All it means is that you’re going to send ads directly to the people who have already connected with you in some way such as a newsletter, website, landing pages, and shopping carts.

56. Using your email list to retarget those subscribers is a great way to get the attention of list members who aren’t opening your emails.

57. Remarketing enables you to help your customers finish an action they have failed to complete, such as finishing checking out.

58. A great custom campaign would be to segment your email subscribers who downloaded a freebie from the rest. Then market only to the people who downloaded a certain freebie using remarketing.

59. Use custom audiences and your email list to promote contests. The reason is that they already know who you are and are more likely to participate.

60. Use remarketing to get survey answers. You can target only people who purchased a certain product from you by uploading their email addresses as a “custom audience.”

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