We generate tax leads from individuals who have Unfilled Taxes. Individuals or businesses that have

Tax Leads

American Consumer Niche Marketing Services offers some the best leads in the market place for tax settlement companies and law firms. With testing and tweaking, American Consumer Niche Marketing Services has developed nearly every type of tax settlement lead solution in the market place with a quality that will be sure to help you lower your cost per closed deal and keep your sales floor well fed with high quality leads that grow your organization.


Tax relief leads

We realize that tax relief is more of a niche industry than mortgage and credit card relief. With that in mind, we have worked hard to develop more strategies for tax than our competitors. The reason we did this is that we knew that competing tax firms would buy out the supply of certain lead types and would need to find unique prospects in other lead types. We also know that the pool of people We understand the Tax businesses we generate high quality opt in Tax resolution Leads, Tax Leads, Tax Preparation leads. we offer many different Tax lead types so that the firm we work with can select the lead type that fits best with their organization and sales staff. Currently we offer tax settlement leads generated thru the internet, radio, television, telemarketing, direct mail and public records.


Generating prospects that are needing tax assistance through SEO is costly, cost per click in the tax business ranges from $5.00-$67 per click. Do you supply and demand making this niche very difficult to generate tax leads. The decision was made that tax settlement firms would need to have many different lead types to choose from so that they would be able to tap into unique leads and new potential customers. To do this, we believe that tax settlement firms will need to be able to master working different lead types and teaching sales staffs how to adjust their scripting techniques and pitches. American Consumer Niche Marketing Services is committed to providing you with quality fresh and aged leads ranging from internet, direct mail, television, radio, live transfers to web generated calls. Our goal is to help you get your sales numbers to where you need them to be.


Our Voice Leads are individuals or businesses that are currently seeking help with various types of tax problems. You can select a phone number to have these voice leads sent to and they are billed at a flat rate after 1 minute and 30 seconds has passed. Companies with call centers are preferred to take these leads. If calls are missed, client will be billed for each voicemail that was left with a contact name and phone number.

This is our most popular lead class. If you are interested in this type of lead, please fill out the contact form and check the box for "Text Leads $10K+ Tax Owed " and we will get back to you ASAP.
Tax relief leads
Tax Preparation/Unfilled Taxes (Text Leads)Individuals or businesses that have not filed their taxes and are looking for help with filing. Many people have years of unfilled taxes. Leads are available year round.Tax leads sent directly to your call center. Callers have a variety of tax problems, mostly owe taxes and cannot pay in full.
  • Individual or business who have a variety of tax problems

  • These leads are 100% exclusive to you

  • Each call above 1 minute and 30 seconds is $100

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