We generate tax relief leads and tax resolution leads, tax preparation leads, tax leads. Pay Per Cal

➤WHAT I DO: Specialize in generating (Metrics Driven) Pay Per Call Inbound phone calls for various verticals.

tax relief leads

➤HOW IT WORKS We generate Inbound phone calls of consumers (that initiate the call at their own free will) by seeing our online ads. All calls will be from people who are actively looking for your services online and are calling in real-time. You only Pay Per "Qualified Call" NOT per lead.

tax relief leads

➤HOW WE CAN HELP YOU:  Provide affordable inbound pay per call leads that are optimized over time to lower your CPA (cost per acquisition), lower your marketing spend and increase your ROI.

tax relief leads

➤ Verticals / Specialties 

  • Auto Insurance Pay Per Call Leads

  • Life Insurance Pay Per Call Leads

  • Life Insurance Warm Transfers

  • Credit Repair Pay Per Call Leads

  • Student Loan Consolidation Pay Per Call Leads

  • Debt Settlement Pay Per Call Leads

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