Why do you need a source of quality, targeted online leads for you tax preparation service? Tax Le a

We are not like your typically lead company. We focus on developing lasting business relationships with both buyers and sellers. We know that if our leads are profitable, our customers will stay with us.

We are always keeping focus on quality and improving the overall experience for our buyers.Only company solely focused on tax leads

Internet Generated Leads Are Highly Qualified Because They Are Searching FOR YOU And The Exact Terms They Search On Can Be Targeted!

Each lead is Received real time after someone submits and online form requesting help No long term contracts No set-up fees Receive leads real time Owned and operated by tax professionals with much experience in lead generation No Incentive leads Our network consists of top industry websites $10K+ Tax Leads (Individuals or businesses that owe $10K or more in taxes $5K-$9.99K Tax Leads (Individuals or businesses that owe between $5K & $9.99K in taxes.

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