Why Do You Need Digital Advertising? Student Debt Relief Leads, Debt consolidation leads, tax debt r

Why Do You Need Digital Advertising?

Put simply, to gain immediate visibility, growth, profits, and results. Online advertising will help you reach beyond your existing network and tap into new, highly targeted audiences via search, display, and social advertising

Student Debt Relief Leads, Debt consolidation leads, tax debt relief leads, credit repair leads, web calls, pay per call marketing.

How Will Paid Media Help You Get More Customers?

Managed Marketing will reach the audience you didn’t know existed or could not reach. Whether you are promoting content, building your pipeline, or working towards a sales goal; Managed Marketing will extend your reach and engage the customers you want and need.

We leverage big data to deliver precise messages to a specific audience that is searching for your product or service. This results in a finely tailored approach which will net more leads and sales.

With more than ten years in business and certified Facebook, AdWords, and Bing Ads account managers, you can have complete confidence that you and your needs will be fully supported by our talented team. As a client, you will get a team approach to handle your account. All accounts get a minimum of three team members handling your needs. You will have a Project Manager, Account Manager, and a Web Programmer all working together to reach your campaign goals. You will also have unlimited consulting, phone, and email support from us!

Managed Marketing Fee Schedule

NO CONTRACTS - Everything is Month-to-Month

Student Debt Relief Leads, Debt consolidation leads, tax debt relief leads

Monthly Managed Marketing Fees:

Monthly Fee Per Vertical

(collected monthly)

Ad Spend between Monday - Sunday

(collected weekly)


Local Business Listings:


1-3 Page Website/Lander


Social Ad Campaign:


Additional Ad Campaign(s):


Website Hosting:


Website Development:


  • The Managed Marketing Fee is billed on a monthly basis. You pay your ad spend.

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